No matter what the circumstances are - It hurts

Interview with Lea Perfetti from Ocean Wyse Yoga

On the outside, Lea's life seems perfect. Lea is a yoga teacher and surfer. She lives with her 4 kids and her husband on the coast of Portugal. But all this does not prevent her from falling into a black hole after her miscarriage. A black hole her environment cannot understand and that gains even more depth through hurtful comments. In the interview, Lea tells her very personal story and talks about,

  • how difficult it is to give yourself time to mourn for your lost child when others hardly understand your feelings,
  • what consequences can occure, when a 'strong' woman has to function and suppresses grief,
  • why it is important (not only for oneself) to be consciouse about one's own needs after a loss and to give oneself enough time for healing.


Lea was born in Upstate in New York. The sea fascinated her since she was 12 years old. She studied Yoga and Astrology and lives now on a farm in SW Portugal, with her 4 children, her husband, chickens, dogs and horses. She gives Yoga classes, Astrology consultations and surfes great waves.



Instagram: @loveashtangayoga